Thursday, 15 July 2010

...but some people's children drive me insane.

I am a mother, I have a son who I adore. But don't get me wrong, I know he has his faults. I am under no illusion he is an angel ALL the time. But I have complete faith that he is a well behaved child even in my absence. I trust him to behave, he has his moments like anyone but in general he is a good kid.

What I don't understand is why I find other people's children so irritating! I have always thought it was just me, but having spoken to friends on this subject (whose children I like. Mostly.), I find I am not entirely alone in my sentiment. Although I do seem to lack patience in comparison to my peers, but this is nothing new.

My most recent encounter with 'someone else's child' was just the other day at a school concert. I was sat minding my own business, and actually enjoying the performance when 'someone else's child' appeared from nowhere having squeezed down the row of chairs to where I was sat. His aim, it transpired, was to irritate the hell out of a child sat in the row in front by almost throttling him with a piece of string. The thing that REALLY irritated me apart from the dropped rubbish, and the incessant bouncing about in a space meant for only one pair of feet, was the point at which 'someone else's child' not only jumps on my toes, but manages to get his foot INSIDE my handbag which was on the floor beside me.

Annoyed? Oh yes. I picked my bag up and looked round to see if there was an adult 'responsible' for this irritating affectation, and yes.. there she was. Stood at the end of the row keenly watching her older child play, and then smiling inanely in my general direction. You could tell from the rose tinted look on her face that her children were 'little angels'.

I'm glad she enjoyed herself. I did too once he was safely out of my vicinity.

Call me miserable, impatient, a bitch. Maybe I am, maybe it's me.

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